Doctoral Thesis Award 2021

The DoSIER 2021 organizing committee will award annually a prize to the student who has produced the best PhD thesis and made the most outstanding contribution to scientific and/or technological knowledge in the field of intelligence enabled research and related fields. The purpose of the award is to highlight excellent PhD research in the field of intelligence enabled research.
The winner will receive a certificate, a 2-year membership in forthcoming DoSIER technical committees, and a prize money.


Open to all candidates that have obtained a PhD degree from any recognised university in 2020-2021. Candidates who have obtained their degree in the period ranging from 01 January 2020 to 30 August 2021 will be considered. Their PhD theses should be original work predominantly in the field of intelligent tools and techniques.


  1. DoSIER 2021 will decide the prize winner based on the recommendation by a PhD Award Committee constituted by the Doctoral Symposium Chairs.
  2. The PhD Award Committee, composed of experts, will assess the merit of the applications and recommend the winner to the DoSIER 2021 Chairs.
  3. The assessment of the PhD Award Committee, based on the Executive Summary provided in the candidate’s proposal and on the supporting evidence from the PhD thesis document itself, will rely on the following criteria:
    • The level to which the thesis work adds significant new contribution to advances in the scientific knowledge in the field of intelligence enabled research.
    • The content and quality of the Executive Summary submitted by the candidate.
    • The impact and relevance of the PhD thesis measured in terms of dissemination of the PhD outputs into the scientific community by the candidate (articles published and oral communications presented at scientific events).


  1. Candidates must have defended the PhD thesis in public and received the PhD degree from a recognised university in the mentioned period.
  2. Candidates must submit an online application by 15 September 2021.
  3. The DoSIER Chairs will decide the prize winner based on a recommendation by the PhD Award Committee and this decision cannot be challenged.
  4. The application must contain:
    • – A pro forma application.
    • – An Executive Summary of the PhD thesis, of not more than 15 pages, highlighting the relevance and contribution of the work to the field of intelligence enabled research.
    • – An electronic copy of the PhD thesis.
    • – Candidates should note that the content of their Executive Summary will be the primary source of the PhD Award Committee’s consideration
    • – A letter from the main PhD supervisor and from the PhD co-supervisor (if applicable) on institution letter head recommending the candidate for consideration for this prize and confirming that the candidate meets all the criteria for eligibility for the competition.
  5. Submit all requisite documents in a single zip archive with filename as <Your Registration>.


15 September 2021