October 19 to October 20, 2019
Accepted Papers
RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India

Paper Id Paper Title
2 Automatic Clustering of Hyperspectral Images using Qutrit Based Particle Swarm Optimization
4 Multi-class image segmentation using theory of weak string energy and fuzzy set
10 Patient-Specific Seizure Prediction using the Convolutional Neural Networks
11 A Deep Learning Approach for the Classification of Rice Leaf Diseases
13 Identification of Seven Low-Resource North-Eastern Languages: An Experimental Study
14 Nonlinear Control for Power System Stability Improvement
15 Towards Sustainable Indian Smart Cities: An AHP study
16 Temporal Sentiment Analysis of the Data from Social Media to Early Detect Cyberbullicide ideation of a vicitm by using Graph based Approach and Datamining tools
18 Intelligent Color Image Watermarking using Phase Congruency
19 Local Shearlet Energy Gammodian Pattern (LSEGP): A scale space binary shape descriptor for texture classification
20 Vehicle Pollution Detection from Images using Deep Learning
21 Single-Image De-raining using GAN for Accurate Video Surveillance

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The DoSIER organizing committee is happy to announce that the top three accepted papers would be awarded with the First, Second and Third Prize awards.

The awards are sponsored by the Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), India.

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